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  • Why use i-fags?

  • i-fags are cheaper than smoking tobacco*.

  • They're Clean.

  • They're Safe.

  • And... They're 100% LEGAL to use in smoke free areas.


The revolutionary i-fag is a non-flammable electronic device adopting advanced microelectronic technology to provide smokers with a safer alternative to ordinary cigarettes. The i-fag atomises liquid propylene glycol/nicotine solution when inhaled giving smokers the nicotine dose that they so frequently crave


The i-fag is essentially made up of four parts.


    A Rechargeable Lithium Battery.

    An Atomisation Chamber.

    A Smart Chip, battery and Operating Indicator

    A Replaceable Nicotine Cartridge.

Upon inhalation, liquid nicotine held in the nicotine cartridge is drawn into the atomisation chamber which is powered by the battery, this atomises the liquid resulting in the user drawing nicotine propylene glycol vapour into their lungs. The nicotine is therefore delivered to the body through the lungs in much the same way in which it is delivered using a normal cigarette.
A harmless vapour is exhaled (which look just like real smoke). Unlike ordinary cigarettes it is odourless and does not linger yet it gives users that real smoking sensation.

There is no risk of passive smoking through using the i-fag.

The battery takes on average 3 hours until it is fully charged and will last approximately a day in a normal smoking pattern, a spare battery is supplied with the deluxe kit or available separately, this will allow the device to still be used when the other battery is charging.
When users inhale, the operating indicator at the end of the i-fag lights up in a similar way to an ordinary cigarette, the smart chip ensures that users do not inhale too much nicotine at once using in-built safety limits and informs the user when the battery needs to be charged by causing the operating indicator to flash.
The Replaceable Nicotine Cartridges have been developed to match the tobacco taste of a real cigarette providing smokers with a real smoking substitute, each i-fag cartridge is approximately equivalent to between 7-10 ordinary cigarettes. The cartridges are available in various strengths to suit each individual smoker all of which are included in the starter kit so that users can quickly determine the right strength for them. High, medium, low and even zero strength standard tobacco flavour cartridges are included in the kits allowing users to select their desired levels Nicotine usage levels. There are also a range of flavoured cartridges available including; Menthol, Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate and many more..


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